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We understand your usage requirements can change. Let us help and advise on the most suitable call plan for your usage.

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Setting up email accounts

How do I set up my email on iPhone or iPad

Step one: Tap on the Settings icon.

Step two: Scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account, Other and then Add Mail Account.

Step three: You will now need to enter your Name, Email address, Email address password and a description for the email account, say work for example.

Step four: You can now choose to set up the mailbox with the type of account you have i.e exchange,yahoo,gmail etc.

Step five:

Now enter your User Name. This is just the email address you wish to set up.

And now your email address password.

Now to set up the outgoing mail server.

The User Name is your email address again and the Password is your email address password.

Once you have entered these settings tap the Next button.

Step six: Once the settings have verified make sure mail is switched on and then tap Save.


To set up email on Android

Step one: Open up the Email app on your android device.

Step two: Enter the email address you want to add and the email address password and now click on the Next button.

Step three: Select the type of email account that you have

Step four: Enter you user name and password
Once these details are entered click on the Next button.

Step six: You can now set your account preferences, once down click on the Next button.

Step seven: You can now give account a name and change the name displayed on outgoing messages. Once completed click on the Next button.

Copying your contacts into a new phone

There are different ways to do this, contact us to help you do this.

Call 0161 487 3332 or email


Sometimes the best fix is to turn the phone off and on !!

iPhone – press and hold the power and the main menu button together until the Apple sign appears

It can also be useful to manually select another network to force the phone to ‘reboot’ onto your chosen one…call us to help you do this

Any other queries we are here to help…just contact us!!

Call 0161 487 3332 or email

Activating new phones

For all Technical queries call 0161 487 3332

Lost or Stolen Phone – Outside business hours

Vodafone                07836 191191
02                           0344 8090202
EE                           07953 966250
(remember to add international format if calling from abroad +44)

Lost or Stolen Phone – Monday to Friday 8am to 18:00pm

Advise Cheshire Business Services as soon as possible so we can bar and restrict the device immediately – Call 0161 487 3332

Billing queries

call 0161 487 3332 or email

Fault reporting

call 0161 487 3332

What do I do to control my costs?

Vodafone can really help reduce your charges when going abroad

Countries in EU are included in your UK tariff- if you have a specific destination and you are unsure please call so we can confirm for you . You can then relax and use it as you would in the UK

World Traveller is £5 per day and covers the following destinations:-


Argentina Guatemala Puerto Rico
Brazil Hong Kong Russia
Canada Indonesia Serbia
Chile Israel Singapore
China Japan Thailand
Colombia Kenya Uruguay
Congo Lesotho US Virgin Islands
Costa Rica Mexico
Dominican Republic Mozambique
Ecuador Peru


Anguilla Dominica Panama
Antigua El Salvador Qatar
Aruba Egypt South Africa
Australia Ghana St Kitts and Nevis
Barbados Grenada St Lucia
Bermuda Guyana St Vincent
Bonaire Haiti Suriname
British Virgin Islands India Trinidad & Tobago
Cayman Islands Jamaica Turks & Caicos
Curacao New Zealand USA

No helpful answer? Here are some options

Cheshire Business Services Support Levels

We want you to have the best experience of dealing with us, our aim is to resolve any queries as quickly as possible for you. Sometimes we need the help of Vodafone, BT Openreach, EE and other networks we deal with.

Contact support

To give you a guideline of anticipated timescales …

General query into CBS
We would aim to resolve within 30 minutes

Queries where we need input from a network
We would log this within 10 minutes and update you until resolved. We have good relationships with the networks and in most instances these queries would be resolved within the day.

Billing queries
If we cant resolve over the phone from your initial enquiry due to us requiring more information from a network, our aim would be to have this fully resolved within 7 days. If the query or billing issue is more complex, we will update you regularly until resolved

CBS contacts to ensure your query is being dealt with correctly

First escalation Sue Ashton – Sales Support and Customer Service Manager
0161 487 3332

In the unlikely event your query is not being dealt with to your satisfaction
Contact Nicola Albinson – Office Manager
0161 487 3332

For any queries you would like to report whether they have been dealt with exceeding your expectation or you are dissatisfied with the level of service please write to

Christopher Jones – Director
Cheshire Business Services
89-91 Buxton Road