Voice and Data

CBS Fixed Voice

We appreciate that Business has an ever increasing reliability on mobile , but it is imperative that you have a robust managed fixed line service for your offices.

Cheshire Business Services provide solutions for all sizes of Business at competitive Prices. We offer flexibility to allow your business to change and evolve. New technologies are introduced, it is important you can use them

  • Analogue
  • ISDN
  • SIP
  • IP


The demise of ISDN and the impact on professional services. Cheshire Business Services can help you make the best informed decision on how and when to upgrade your lines from legacy services such as Analogue and ISDN circuits to IP telephony. The new solutions have tremendous benefits, please download the attached document to help you.replacement and what the benefits are

SIP trunk

What is SIP Trunking and how can new technology benefit your business…..please download the attached document to help you make the right choice for your business

CBS Data

Data is essential, more so now than ever before. An office grinds to a halt without it running correctly. Cheshire Business Services can help,advise and provide the most suitable data connection for you business

  • Standard ADSL
  • FTTC ( fibre to the cabinet)
  • EFM (Bonded ADSL)
  • Ethernet circuits professionally managed
  • MPLS Networks – MPLS IPVPN solutions support fast and high-volume data transfer across a choice of access technologies – from Broadband to fibre Ethernet. With bandwidth expenses predicted to grow by 15% per year as businesses look to take advantage of web-based applications, optimising your network design could result in a large reduction in your costs.